Private Tactical Pistol/Rifle - 3hrs

Private Tactical Pistol/Rifle - 3hrs

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The Pistol/Rifle Transition Course is great for any level of shooter that would like to train on operating with both pistol and rifle. The foundation of the class will be on transitioning between rifle and pistol along with off hand shooting.  

The class will Reinforce Basic Pistol and Rifle Fundamentals.  There will be a focus on operating with a Pistol and Rifle while Shooting in Alternate Positions, Shooting from Behind Cover, Shooting through Loopholes on Barriers.

The class will also focus on Tactical Reloads, Malfunction Drills, Shoot and Move Techniques and a Stress Shoot.

Students will need to bring a pistol with 2 magazines, a rifle with 2 magazines, and 200 rounds of pistol ammo and 200 rounds of rifle ammo.