U.S Law Shield

Pink Mist Tactical has teamed up with the Number 1 Legal Defense Service

  1. Covers all Self Defense with or without a firearm
  2. 24 Hours a Day and 7 Days a week access to a program attorney 
  3. Members are represented by both Criminal Defense and Civil Defense Attorneys

U.S. Law Shield is the premier self defense legal membership program.  With the best self defense and 2nd Amendment supporting network of attorneys already contracted, U.S. Law Shield members get access to an attorney as soon as they need one, does not matter if it is Tuesday morning or Saturday night, the attorney comes to your location.  If charged with a crime or being sued, U.S. Law Shield will represent you from start to finish with no extra charges. 

To be a member here in Florida, it is only $10.95 a month.  Average cost to hire an attorney right now for a murder charge with a firearm is starting at $10,000.  Would you rather pay $10.95/month or $10,000 plus just to get an attorney to represent you? 

Sign up now, get your rate locked in, annual memberships get 2 free months!! 

Click on US Law Shield image on home screen or click on link below:


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Luis at lcuevas@pinkmistactical.com 

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